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It’s All Your Fault! Working with High Conflict Personalities

Perhaps best known as the author of B.I.F.F., Bill Eddy, is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the High Conflict Institute in San Diego. He pioneered the High Conflict Personality (HCP) Theory and has become an expert on managing disputes involving people with high-conflict personalities. He was the Senior Family Mediator at the National Conflict Resolution Center for 15 years, a Certified Family Law Specialist lawyer representing clients in family court for 15 years, and a licensed clinical social worker therapist with over 12 years of experience. Bill serves on the faculty of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine University School of Law in California and is a Conjoint Associate Professor with the University of Newcastle Law School in Australia. He has been a speaker and trainer in over 35 U.S. states and 13 countries. He is the author or co-author of over 20 books, manuals, and workbooks. He is co-host of the podcast "It's All Your Fault" that he co-hosts with Megan Hunter, MBA, and has a popular blog on the Psychology Today website with over 6 million views.

Calming Upset People with EAR

How to Write a BIFF Response

Yes, No, or I'll Think About It

It’s All Your Fault! Working with High Conflict Personalities 1 of 2

It’s All Your Fault! Working with High Conflict Personalities 2 of 2

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Demystified: The Divorce Niche

With a master's degree in Entrepreneurship, Bridget Potterton instantly recognized the coveted opportunity that the divorce niche offers: purpose, passion, and profitability. Bridget's 18 years of real estate experience and impressive production has earned her a spot in the top 1% of San Diego Realtors, a RealTrends Top 1,000 nomination, and a seat at the table in "Gary's Mastermind" (IYKYN). Bridget loves teaching, and is dedicated to mentoring new CDREs and teaching other Realtors in markets throughout the country about the divorce niche in real estate. Breann Green, CDRE® Realtor & CDRE Coach Read more Breann Green is one of Oklahoma City’s most accomplished real estate professionals, with more than 325 transactions and $92 million in sales in 2022. She has deep experience in handling all types of sales, from low-end to luxury listings. She has developed her expertise in pricing, negotiation, and listing management, along with specific skills that directly support her success in high- to low-conflict divorce settings. Breann has set precedent in her field with knowledge, training, and expertise in handling litigation-related real estate transactions.

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