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A CDRE™ Certification Sets You Apart

The CDRE™ Certification program helps you stand out in a sea of Realtors. You’ll spend more time building ever-lasting relationships with professionals who respect you.

The Ilumni framework helps Realtors ramp up, fast. Becoming a CDRE™ through Ilumni ensures you will have all of the tools and assets to get results.

Plugging into our industry-leading community, led by our Ilumni attorney-faculty, will keep you sharp, empowered, and unstoppable.

You deserve to have people coming to you to solve their problems.

The CDRE  Program puts you in a class all your own.

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October 2022

How to Become CDRE™ Certified

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Don't Take Our Word For It. Hear From Our Students.

Why The Ilumni Institute Is The Only Choice For Top Performing Agents.

Founded by Laurel Starks, The Ilumni Institute teaches the systems, models, and tools that she developed that has led her to be on top 1% of Realtors in the nation.


Our faculty members have over 100 years of combined experience in family law. We are active divorce practitioners who are passionate about teaching from the trenches, and advancing the next generation of real estate professionals.

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How It Works

The CDRE experience begins a few weeks before class begins. We ensure that your classroom experience is engaging, transformative, and anything but boring! By doing a little prep work, you will be able to hit the ground running as soon as you graduate! 


You will be contacted by our Director of Training who will work with you to get prepped and onboarded.


We begin Week One with a Sunday evening virtual Happy Hour, where you will get to know your fellow students and faculty. During Week One, class will be held from 9:00-2:00, PT. 

You will be broken up into a small group "tribe," led by an attorney faculty member. You will spend the next six months with your tribe, where you will have an opportunity to connect on an intimate level and develop strong relationships with a community of the nation's elite, going through this journey with you.

Laurel will kick off day one with a deep dive into the possibilities and opportunities that lie within the divorce niche. Over the next 4 days, taught by the Ilumni attorney faculty, you will learn about the divorce processes and techniques that make you an expert. 

We will finish the week with Honorable Khymberli Apaloo, who will teach you the importance of an expert to judges and courts.


On Friday, we dive into business development, where you will know exactly what to say, what to do, and how to build your business in your local community of family law attorneys. 


In Week Two, the rubber meets the road. We provide you with all of the tools to design your business plan. You will practice your new skills and scripts by role playing with active attorneys, and you will onboard onto our systems that set you up for the next six months of marketing, tools, and support.

Throughout the six-month apprenticeship, you will be given your step-by-step business plan, broke up into 90-day "rounds." All of your materials and tools will be dripped out in perfect time for you to use as you develop your business in your attorney community. This includes exclusive access to our Raising the Bar CLE series - a monthly event hosted by Ilumni, for the purpose of you to invite attorneys as your guest. 

We will continue to have case studies, where we analyze real-life cases to build your confidence. We will have role-plays and masterminds, and hold you accountable to your goals, so that you can build a successful divorce real estate business as a coveted CDRE™. 

Who Should Become A Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

  1. Experienced agents with a track record of success

  2. Problem solvers who thrive on mitigating and resolving conflict

  3. Leaders of teams who want to add a division of specialty to their portfolio

  4. Professionals seeking to evolve from salesperson to subject matter authority

Next certification begins in October 18th, 2020

What You Get with a CDRE™


The CDRE™ program  is real estate based, family law immersion designed to reach mastery in the niche. In the program, you implement and execute the Ilumni methods of building a lawyer-based divorce real estate business. 

Two Week Virtual Immersion Course

Spring of 2022

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Step-by-Step Business Plan

Unique to Divorce Attorney Relationships

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Six-Month Virtual Apprenticeship

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Listing in CDRE™ Directory

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Active Role Play and Masterminds

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Attorney Marketing Campaigns 

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Group Coaching with a Dedicated Faculty Mentor

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Private CDRE™ Community Facebook Group

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CDRE™ Dashboard to keep you on track

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Raising the Bar™: Monthly Virtual CLE for Your Attorneys, Hosted by Ilumni®

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Next certification begins on 
October 2022

The CDRE™ Program
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First Installment: $3,995


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